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No matter what life throws your way, Secufy can reliably send an emergency alert text message with your GPS coordinates in an instant to up to three people for help.

Secufy - your smart Button and tiny SOS
Facing danger, mobbing, harassment or do you have an accident? Just press Secufy three times and alert your family and friends without an app or base station to connect to.


Call for help within seconds


With Thingstream and GPS
for outdoor use

  • Sends an alert when pressed 3 times
  • Locates itself outdoor (GPS)
  • Uses the THINGSTREAM (2G) and GPS for signal transfer to the Secufy cloud
  • 3 individual alarm receivers can be notified by SMS or Email (API available optionally)
  • Several months battery life. Rechargeable (QI charging)



Easy to use

 Register your

Use your button's ID to register at www.secufy-sos.com/register. Then enter up to three of your contacts by providing their cell phone numbers. Secufy will send them a text message with your distress call and location as soon as the button is pushed.

 Set up your group of helpers 

Inform your contacts that you've designated them as helpers. When you trigger the alarm, each of the helpers will receive a text message notifying them of who else has received the alert. That way they can coordinate who will rush to your aid.

 Press Secufy three times 

If you need help, press the button three times. Within just a few seconds, Secufy then transmits your call for help and shares a Google Maps link pinpointing your current location. GPS makes it possible to determine your exact location within approx. ten meters (about 32 feet).



How it works