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Security for you

and your loved ones

My Secufy

Secufy is a smart and simple SOS alerting solution. Take your portable Secufy everywhere you go. Just press the Button three times to instantaneously notify your family and friends in case of emergency.

Secufy Business

Find out more about Secufy as the perfect location-based security system for your Business. Secufy is highly standardized, disruptively priced, modular and scalable.  Applicable for many different use cases in employee, safety and security.


Secufy for private use, workforce safety, taxi drivers, hotels, elderly living and much more

  • My tiny SOS in sport and private

    I haven't been in any dangerous situations yet but still feel more comfortable having Secufy in my pocket while running or walking all by myself. I think Secufy is also perfect to use at a night out with my girlfriends. Just to make sure we are prepared against any kind of harassment.

  • More safety for lone workers

    The little panic button allows for all employees to have safety in the palm of their hands, adding another layer for safety. By sending out an alert, Security staff knows exactly your location. This is the perfect solution for all lone workers such as taxi /  Uber drivers.

  • Help at the touch of a button

    I am in my 80's and still enjoy life to its fullest. My two sons have families of their own, living not too far away from me. With Secufy I feel so much safer than before. A few weeks ago I fell and had trouble getting back on my feet. I am always wearing Secufy on my belt and could notify my kids immediately. From this day on I bought two additional Secufy Buttons to place them around the house. My family is just a touch of a button away.

  • Secufy as little companion

    Mobbing or harassment is a common issue on the way to school or even in school. My daughter has a Secufy Button just in case she cannot use her smartphone anymore. When facing a threatening situation Smartphones are the first thing to be taken away. Secufy works as a little companion inconspicuously stored in the pocket. From a parents perspective Secufy makes our life easier and safer.


Secufy benefits at a glance

Secufy SOS Button
  • Small, lightweight & discreet

    Compact size, wearable on your belt, as a wristband, necklace or in the pocket

  • Location aware with unlimited range

    Location aware outdoor via GPS

  • Very long battery lifetime

    Very long battery lifetime
    (2-3 months) and inductive charging

  • Stand-alone

    Works completely stand-alone
    due to embedded IoT connectivity, i.e. no Smartphone or base station are needed to connect